Red Wing Dinnerware pattern learning video

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Red Wing dinnerware was hand painted by young women. The company would make a rubber stamp from Charles Murphy's original artwork and stamp the outline on the piece. The outline burned away when the piece was fired in the kiln. Each painter was responsible for one color. You might be the light-green girl or the dark-blue girl. There might be five or 10 different women working on the artwork of each piece. The dinnerware was hand-painted, but it was production-line painting, not the work of a single artist.

Timeline of Red Wing dinnerware line & pattern introductions. 6 7 8 9 10 Many Patterns had "completer" pieces like Cookie Jars & coffee pots.

1935 Gypsy Trail Line - Round Shape: - Patterns: Reed, Plain. - Colors: Orange, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow. (popular into 1940’s)

1936 Gypsy Trail Line - Round Shape: - Pattern: Chevron. - Colors: Orange, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow.

1937 Gypsy Trail Line - Round Shape: - Pattern: Ivanhoe. - Colors: Orange, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow.

1938 Gypsy Trail Line - Round Shape: - Pattern: Fondoso - Colors: Orange, Pastel Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Yellow, Turquoise. (Distributed by RumRill Potteries along with the art pottery that Red Wing produced for them.)

1941 Provincial Line - Round Shape: Patterns: Ardennes, Brittany, Normandy, and Orleans. (Provincial used the same mold for all the patterns in the line and was the first to be hand decorated.) 

1941 Concord Line - Square Shape: - Patterns: Blossom Time, Buds, Chrysanthemum, Fantasy, Fruit, Harvest, Iris, Lanterns, Leaf Magic, Lexington, Lotus, Magnolia, Morning Glory, Nassau,  Quartette, Spring Song, Willow Wind, Zinnia.

1942 Labriego Line - Serving pieces (Charles Murphy designer) Embossed borders around Solid colors including blue, green, orange, yellow and red.

1943 Provincial Line - Bakeware pieces: “Oomph” or "Old Provincial" - Colors of aqua and brown. 

1947 Town & Country Line - Exotic Shape - Color: Chartreuse, Dusk Blue, Forest Green, Grey, Metallic Brown, Rust, Sand, Peach, White (designed by Eva Zeisel)

1949 Dynasty Line - Exotic Shape - Pattern: Plum Blossom - Colors: Yellow or pink (the pieces are six-sided and have a oriental motif)

1951 Village Green Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Delta Blue, Picardy, Provincial, Two Step, Village Brown, Village Green.

1952 Fancy Free Line - Exotic Shape - Patterns: Desert and Caprice

1953 Anniversary Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Capistrano, Country Garden, Driftwood, Midnight Rose, Pink Spice, Tweed Tex. - Features: distinguishing basket weave texture (Line was named to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Potteries.)

1955 Casual Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Bob White, Chuck Wagon, Hearthside, Round up, Smart Set, Tip Toe.

1955 Futura Line - Oval Shape - Patterns: Colonnes, Crazy Rhythm, Frontenac, Golden Viking, Lupine, Montmartre, Northern Lights, Random Harvest, Red Wing Rose, Tampico,

1956 Contemporary Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Spruce, White & Turquoise.

1956 Continental Buffet Line - Serving Pieces with solid brass stands.

1957 Kermis Line - Exotic Shape - four jester variations.

1960 Buffet Royale Line - Serving Pieces with less expensive with walnut stands

1960 True China Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Crocus, Daisy Chain, Granada, Majestic, Mediterrania, Merrileaf, Lute Song, Vintage.

1962 Duo-Tone (Cylinder) Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Desert Sun, Flight, Pepe, Pompeii, Turtle Dove, Tahitian Gold. 

1963 Like China Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Blue Shadows, Brocade, Damask, and Kashmir (Advertised as color fast, oven proof and detergent safe) 

1964 Hotel & Restaurant Line - Round Shape - Glazed either sold white or beige with flecks, some where blue, yellow or green trim. Hand Decorated for restaurants like: Diamond Jim’s and Sweden House Chains

1965 Ebb Tide Line - Round Shape. 

1967 Ceramastone Line - Round Shape - Patterns: Adobestone, Charstone Blue, Greenwichstone, Hearthstone Orange and Beige, Heatherstone  (retailed by Sears.)

The dates above were assembled from the best sources available (footnoted above).  These sources do not agree exactly on all dates.  Anyone with better knowledge should contact to suggest improvements.       © 2011